Your Gnarly Group Ski Trip: Generate Buzz This Summer

So  you know about all of the benefits of planning your group ski trip during the summer, you’ve booked your trip.  Now it’s time to create the buzz within your group for the gnarly ski trip you’ve planned. Fortunately the internet offers no end of opportunities to build that excitement. Ski Daddy has great ideas to help you publicize your group ski trip.

Send out teasers

Use email, facebook, twitter and other popular social media to send out teasers about your ski trip, announcing first day of registration.  You can use Facebook’s scheduling feature to set these up all at once, or use a free app like Buffer to schedule across all the social media platforms.

Add text to photo and post them to Instagram. Ski Daddy may have a few pre-made pics for you in the near future. But in the meantime you can use free resources like PicMonkey to create your own.

Create a Pinterest group board for your group ski trip and allow your group to post to it. They can add pics of amazing boards and skis, skiwear, quotes about the mountains and outdoors, and photos of beautiful scenery. You can add some of those same teaser pics you used on Instagram to get the buzz going.

Have some fun with it

Post questions on social media for your group to answer:

  • What’s the scariest slope you’ve ever been down?
  • What’s the best food to eat after a hard day of skiing?
  • Groomers or moguls?
  • Gloves or mittens?

Offer to buy a snow cone for the best answer (Get it? Snow cone?), and invite the rest of the group along for a snow cone night.

Use video. Take advantage of your kids and their creativity and get them to make some fun clips for Vine or even some full promotional videos for You Tube.

Make sure the parents are in the know

Often parents rely on the church bulletin for their information. If that’s the case use the bulletin, and be sure the parents know things like when the sign ups begin and if there is an early sign-up discount.

Be sure to point parents to your group’s ski trip website provided by Ski Daddy in all your communications with them. Help them understand that this is where all the details about the trip are and that this is where they sign up. If you can get all your sign-ups on your website, it will save you a ton of time and energy.

You’ve made the plan, booked the trip, now all you need to do is get the group signed up. A little buzz now will equal a lot of sign ups come September!


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