The World’s Largest Hot Springs Pool

Glenwood Hot Springs
Photo Credit: Scott Catron

The first image that comes to mind when you think of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains usually involves flying down the mountain in total control while crowds of impressed onlookers cheer for you. Or maybe something a little less grandiose, but it probably involves skiing or snowboarding in some way. Swimming is usually not the thing that comes to mind. But Glenwood Springs, Colorado, home of Sunlight resort, offers some of the best swimming you can find.

The Glenwood Hot Springs offer the world’s largest hot springs fed swimming pool. Replenished daily with millions of gallons of fresh spring water given freely from the mountains, this pool offers recreation, relaxation and restoration to its visitors.

Flowing from the Yampah spring at 122 degrees and chock full of 15 minerals, these waters have been a haven for skiers, mountain travelers and Ute Native Americans for centuries. At the end of the 19th century, the waters’ reputation grew and the spring became a haven for tourists as well.

On your visit, you can enjoy the restorative waters of the pool, take advantage of the massive waterslides and visit the Spa of the Rockies. Ski Daddy would love to help you book a ski trip or summer mountain retreat to Sunlight where you can take advantage of the amazing pool at Glenwood Hot Springs.

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