The Craziest Ski Runs You Don’t Want to Miss, But Really Should


If you are used to some nice blue cruisers, or even some solid groomed black terrain, the idea of dropping off the side of the cliff with the fleeting hope that you’ll land upright seems like the kind of thing reserved for those crazy back country types. But did you know that there are plenty of the craziest ski runs in bounds at some of your favorite ski resorts?

There are.

I’ve been waiting for ski season to wrap up so as not to tempt you to go try something crazy after you read this. Because at Ski Daddy we love you and want you to stay in one piece. So read this now and forget about it by next ski season and keep to the more reasonable terrain.

First off, check out the Rambo at Crested Butte, the steepest manmade run in North America. This slope, while a short 300 meters, is nothing to take lightly. The 55 degree incline can make that 300 meter descent the longest 3 seconds of your life if you don’t watch out.

Al’s Run in Taos is equally disturbing but in an entirely different way. It goes on for an exhausting 1800 mogul-filled meters.  And since falling multiple and times climbing uphill to retrieve your gear isn’t humiliating enough, Taos was kind enough to place the No. 1 chairlift along its course.

Check out Travel and Leisure Magazine’s entertaining slide show on the World’s Scariest Ski Slopes, and dream the dream, man.

What’s the scariest slope you’ve ever tried?


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