Your Gnarly Group Ski Trip: Plan Early

The sun is shining. The pools are open. School is closed. Summer has begun for your youth group.

As you prepare to jump into summer mission trips, service projects and swimming parties, it might seem like an odd time to start planning a group ski trip. After all, your kids are dressed in cut-offs and Sperry’s, not North Face and ski boots.

But if you’ve been in the youth ministry game for long, you understand the beauty of planning ahead. And the benefits of early preparation are particularly great for a ski trip. Ideally, summer is the best time to plan ahead for the best group ski trip.

Plan Ahead for the Best Deals on Your Group Ski Trip

You are likely to get better pricing when you book early. In summer, the resorts see lots of unoccupied rooms in their future and set prices accordingly. But as the ski season draws near, rooms are getting booked and the resorts know they will be able to sell the space they have remaining. So the closer to ski season you get, the higher the prices available to you.

Allow Your Group to Make Smaller Payments Over More Time

Earlier booking allows you to space out payments. Making 5 payments of $100 rather than 2 payments of $250 is a big benefit for many skiers. When money is tight, spreading out the payments can make the difference between a group member going on the trip or staying home.

Book Early for the Best Selection of Resort Accommodations

When you book your group ski trip in the summer, you’ll have more choices because most resorts still have plenty of availability. If you have a particular lodge you want to stay in, book now! If you wait till fall, the spots start getting booked, and you may not end up in your first choice.

Plan Ahead and Look Like the Rock Star Youth Pastor that You Are

When you book your group ski trip in the summer, you have the opportunity to kick off the ski trip promotions on September 1. You’ll have all the details – dates, lodging, costs, and payment schedules. Students and their parents will know exactly what they are signing up for and will be more willing to say yes with all the info in front of them.

Your group ski trip will fill up earlier so you can plan your activities sooner, and quit worrying about who’s going and who’s not.

And in the end, everyone is going to love that organized youth pastor.

Oh No! Summer is over and I Still Haven’t Booked My Group Ski Trip

That’s okay. When you book your group ski trip in the summer, there are some great benefits. However, at Ski Daddy we are here to take care of the details and help you keep your group organized, no matter how early or late you book. Between our personalized service and the technology we provide to manage all the administrative tasks for you, you will have a great trip and you’ll be amazed at how easy it was to pull it off.

Ski Daddy takes the stress out of Ski Trips.  They take care of every detail and make group leaders look like they have everything together. – John (Group of 20 to Keystone)

Their support is amazing and they do basically everything for you – you just show up! – Alana (Group of 50 to Winter Park)


Are you ready to plan your trip? We are ready to get you started. Just get in touch, and we’ll handle the rest.