Summer in the Mountains: Mountain-Biking

It’s time to acknowledge the end of an amazing ski season. More than 200 Ski Daddy groups hit the trails in Colorado, New Mexico and Utah this season and I’m telling you they tore it up! Besides skiing and boarding, there was plenty of time spent on tubing hills, in spas, and enjoying some serious resort food. Thank you to everyone who let Ski Daddy plan your trip – it was a blast working for you!

But, there is no time to mourn the passing of another ski season, because the fun continues in the mountains all summer long. There is pretty much unlimited adventure to be had in the mountains during the off season, and we’re going to make sure you get the heads up on all of it.

Mountain Biking
Photo courtesy of Vail Resorts

First up, mountain-biking. If the biggest hills around you peak at about 225 feet, mountain-biking in Colorado is a little different than you’ve probably experienced near home.

For those who have working quads, you can choose one of the many trails that you climb yourself. However, if just thinking about climbing more than a single flight of stairs leaves you googling the nearest oxygen bar, you may want to try mountain biking at a Colorado resort.

Vail, for example, let’s its gondola do the work of climbing for you and your bike. And because you are a special flower, the staff will load your bike for you. From there it’s all gravity, folks. Quads are optional.

So what do you think? Is it time to start planning your summer trip to the mountains?

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