Summer in the Mountains: Alpine Slides

If you are the kind of person who would become an Olympic bobsledder if you had it to do all over again, then alpine sliding is the mountain activity for you.

Vail's Forest Flyer is one of Colorado's thrilling alpine slides
Vail’s Forest Flyer, photo courtesy of Vail Resorts

And if you can leave the bobsledding, but don’t mind a little speed and a lot of spectacular scenery, then alpine sliding is for you, too.

After a beautiful ski-lift ride up the mountain, you climb into your slide and wind your way back down.

Winter Park offers Colorado’s longest alpine slide, at 3,000 feet long with a 610 foot vertical drop. This slide will take you around six minutes, but you can control your speed if it gets a little to hairy for ya.

Breckenridge offers a few slides to choose from in their Summer Fun Park, each at 2600 feet long. And if you find yourself still wanting more after racing down the alpine slides, try Breckenridge’s elevated roller coaster  that hurls you through the forest as you speed down its 2500 foot track.

Vail has recently added their own version of the alpine slide, the elevated Forest Flyer, pictured above, that barrels downhill, following the natural contours of the mountain, taking the best advantage of the speed and the scenery.

At Durango Mountain Resort, you can slide down the mountain with a friend on Durango’s two side-by-side tracks. Make it a race or slow down and chat about the amazing scenery.

If you are in the Steamboat Springs area to enjoy the summer mountain air, then head on over to the Howler. The Chairlift will take you to the top of historic Howelson Hill, where you will grab a sled and board the 2400 foot slide. Proceeds from the Howler benefit the athletes of the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club.

Who’s up for a little speed this summer?

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