Things You Need to Remember When Storing Your Ski Wear

Storing Your Ski Wear
Photo credit: Markus Bernet

As ski season starts to wind down and skiers return home from their spring break trek to the mountains (we just got back from a crazy-amazing trip to Winter Park), it’s time to think about storing your ski gear so it’s clean and easy to access next season.

Here are a few steps to be sure that your skiwear stores well and is fresh when you pull it out next year.

1. Take everything that is machine washable, wash it and dry it thoroughly. Long johns, socks, fleece jackets, hats, neck gaiters, etc.

2. Take your items that are not machine washable and spot clean them as necessary. Then turn them inside out and let them sit outside in the sun on a nice warm spring day for a couple of hours. This includes your jackets, pants, mittens, etc. This will get them thoroughly dry and the sunlight will help kill any bacteria or mildew that’s trying to take over in the damp.

NOTE: Don’t forget to clean out all the pockets. Those ski jackets and pants have lots of little compartments and may have lip balm, sunscreen, and even snacks just waiting to ruin your day when you pull them out of storage next year.

3. Sort through the items and create two piles – giveaway/sell and keep.

4. Pack giveaway/sell items away in their own Rubbermaid tub and clearly label it “Ski Clothes to Giveaway/Sell”.

6. For the items you intend to keep, fold them neatly and sort by family member. Take note of any items each family member will need next season and pack the list with the “Ski Clothes to Giveaway/Sell” tub. You’ll see why in a minute.

7. Place each family member’s ski wear in its own plastic bag, and label it for that family member. Place all the plastic bags in a large Rubbermaid tub and label it “Ski Wear”. If you have vacuum bags, they can be a huge space-saver.

8. Make a note in your calendar for November to pull out the items you need to giveaway or sell. Post them on Facebook and/or Craigslist. Also, post the list of things you need on Facebook to see if any of your friends have what you need. This will give you plenty of time to shop for needed items that you can’t barter for or borrow.

9. Add any new items to your “Ski Wear” tub.

10. When it’s time to go skiing, throw the “Ski Wear” tub into the car. Let everyone pack their own smallish bag of non-ski clothing and toiletries.

A little prep now makes planning next year a breeze. Do you have any great tips for storing your ski wear?

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