Something New on Your Next Group Ski Trip: Skiboards

You’ve skied bumps and back bowls, you’ve boarded the toughest terrain parks, and you want to try something different on your upcoming ski trip. Ski boarding might be the change of pace you are looking for. You may have seen skiboarders on your last ski trip, doing jumps and pirouettes on what looks like a really short pair of skis.

A combination of skis, snowboard and skates, ski boards (aka, Snowblades, the brand name sold by Salomon) look like a pair of really short skis, and skiboarders may use poles, but usually don’t.

With a shorter learning curve than skis or boards, skiboards let beginners see pretty quick progress in a short amount of time, making them a fun first experience on the slopes. Intermediates can try things that were beyond their reach on a traditional pair of skis, and experts can use their skills to master something new on skiboards.

Here you can see a first timer on snowboards. And if you poke around on YouTube, you’ll find quite a few experts out there, too.

Have you tried skiboards or any other alternative to skiing or snowboarding? If so, let us know about your experience. If you would like to try them, let Ski Daddy help you set it up on your next Colorado group ski trip.

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