Small Skiers, Big Fun: Making Your Ski Trip Fun for the Kids

Including kids in your group ski trip is not as hard as it might sound. In fact there are plenty of ways to make your ski trip fun for kids. Many ski resorts offer lessons, special events and other accommodations for kids, so with a little advance planning they can get as much from your ski vacation as any seasoned skier. Here are a few things to check into to make sure everyone on your trip has a good time, regardless of age.

Make your ski trip fun for kids

Ski Lessons for Kids

Once the children in your group hit 3 or 4 and are potty-trained, they can start taking lessons. Most resorts know how to ease the kids into it with short sessions on the snow mixed with some indoor fun with games and hot cocoa. Of course you can always take the kids out for a run with you, but it’s nice to know there are trained instructors who can make skiing fun for your kids while you are out there killing it on the double black diamonds. So before you go, check on lessons for the kids.

Childcare for Kids on Your Group Ski Trip

If your kids are too young to ski, many resorts offer childcare starting as young as two months. Again, this can give you a chance to really enjoy the slopes with peace of mind about what the little ones are up to, so check with the resorts you are interested into be sure they can accommodate your tiny group  members.

Breaks During Your Ski Vacation

Skiing is a lot of fun, but it’s also a lot of work, particularly when you are 3 feet tall. Be sure to take an afternoon or two off from the slopes and try something different. For example, The Coca Cola Tubing Hill in Winter Park is great fun for all ages and gives everyone’s quads a rest. Take an afternoon off of the slopes, and you and the kids will be refreshed and ready to hit it hard the next morning.

Special Ski Resort Activities That Make Your Ski Trip Fun for Kids

Look for a resort that offers something special designed just for kids. For example, Copper Mountain offers a kids night out each week with movies, crafts, Wii and more. This might be more for the adults, but the kids don’t need to know that.

With just a little planning and research into what your resort offers, everyone in your group can have a fantastic time on your group ski vacation – especially the littles ones. And when you know the kids are having fun, it sure makes your vacation a stress-free and fun, too.

At Ski Daddy, we take pride in being familiar with the offerings of all the resorts we work with. If you have questions about activities for kids of any age in your group, please get in touch. We would love to help.


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