Your Gnarly Group Ski Trip: Why Ski Daddy Makes the Difference for Your Colorado Group Ski Trip

shutterstock_66183268Generally we try to pack the blog with useful tips, exciting adventures, or a little humor for your Colorado group ski trip. Today we’re going to explain why working with Ski Daddy brings those great benefits to you in real life and not just on the blog.

Booking a Ski Trip with Ski Daddy Makes Life Easy for the Group Leader

Ski Daddy is the only service that offers a custom website for every group. This website allows you to have:

  • Online sign ups, so there’s no more shuffling paper and inputting data for you, my friend!
  • Detailed online accounting.  As the trip leader, you have access to accounting to get an overview of the entire trip. You also have access to individual accounting with the ability to send invoices to your group.  The online accounting tools allow you to see at a glance who has paid, who hasn’t paid, and what the group owes.
  • Your group members can pay on-line!  We can add a link to your church pay portal or PayPal account to allow trippers to make their payment from your group website.  No more stuffing random checks in your pockets on Sunday morning!


Ski Daddy Helps You Promote Your Trip

We know that group leaders are always tracking down members of the group to get that commitment and sign up. We provide you with tools to make this process easier:

  • Each group receives its own group website
  • We provide photos to help you promote your trip on Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms
  • We offer suggested  social media campaigns to help you generate buzz for your trip and maximize attendance.
  • Our staff is a phone call away to help you brainstorm ideas for maximizing sign-ups.


Ski Daddy Keeps You Organized on the Ground

When you arrive at your resort, you’ll find

  • Lift tickets labeled with your group members’ names.
  • Your ski rental fitting will be pre-scheduled for you and the rental shop will be waiting for you with a list of all of your group’s info.
  • Hotel check-in is simplified as your rooming list is sent to the hotel prior to arrival.  You just pass out room keys!


In the end, Ski Daddy has been at this for years. Every year we improve our service based on the experience from the previous year. Our single goal is to save you time and headaches as you plan the perfect group ski trip. We’ve been pretty successful at achieving that so far!

Even though it’s only July, now is the time to start thinking about your next ski trip. Let Ski Daddy help you plan your next ski trip, and we promise to put every resource into making it great!



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