Should you recommend gloves or mittens for your group ski trip?

When you are planning a group ski trip, you will probably get a lot of questions from your group about what type of equipment is necessary. A common question is whether or not to choose gloves or mittens for a Colorado ski trip.

Gloves or mIttens

No doubt, cold fingers on a ski trip are enough to make you want to scrap the skis and head in for a cup of cocoa – just to hold that warm cup in your hands. So the question of gloves vs. mittens is a good one.


The advantage of gloves is that you maintain some dexterity. With your gloves on, you can probably fish the lip balm out of your pocket tuck it back in. And if your gloves have fingertips made for a touch screen, you can even add a selfie to your Instagram while you ride the lift.

Unfortunately, gloves aren’t quite as warm as mittens.


Mittens have the advantage of being warmer because the heat lost from each finger stays trapped amongst all its buddies.

But, when you need that lip balm, you will probably have to pull off your mitten, tuck it somewhere so it doesn’t float down to the ground 30 feet below the lift, fish out the balm, apply it, return it to your pocket, and put your mitten back on.

While you are doing that? You guessed it – your hand gets cold.

Glove Liners

Glove liners can be a solution that helps solve the problems with both gloves and mittens.

If you prefer gloves, a pair of glove liners made from quick-drying, high-insulating material can help keep your fingers warm.

If you prefer mittens, a pair of glove liners underneath can keep your fingers from freezing when you need to pull off your mitten to apply that lip balm or make a call.


Handwarmers are little air-activated packets that generate heat for several hours. They tuck nicely into a pocket designed to hold them in your gloves or mittens and help keep your hands toasty all day.

Hint: you can use them for your toes, too.

The Bottom Line

If you are going to be skiing where the weather is relatively warm, say high 20’s, then gloves will probably be just fine. But as the expected temperature for your group ski trip drops, you may want to consider gloves with liners, then mittens, and add the handwarmers if it’s really cold.

Finally, remember to wear a good hat! Although it doesn’t seem related to your hands, much of your body heat is lost through our head, and a good hat will help keep your entire body warm, including your fingers.

Need more advice for planning your group ski trip to Colorado, New Mexico or Utah? Drop us a line at Ski Daddy. We would love to help!


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