Breckenridge’s Peak 6 Opens on Christmas Day

Christmas Day will mark the opening of the new Peak 6 addition to the Breckenridge ski terrain – the biggest ski area expansion in North American in more than a decade.

Christmas in Breckenridge

What does this mean for those who choose Breckenridge for their Colorado Group Ski Trip?

  • 543 new skiable acres
  • 3 new bowls
  • 10 new cut trails
  • First above-treeline intermediate bowl terrain
  • 1 fixed grip 4-person chair
  • 1 detachable high-speed 6-person chair
  • Easily accessed via lifts on Peaks 7 and 8
  • No base area development to keep the ski experience as pristine as possible

Ready to book your group ski trip to Breckenridge and be one of the first groups to ski Peak 6? Whether you want to celebrate Christmas in Breckenridge or go after the holiday, get in touch with Ski Daddy – we will take care of everything you need to from lift tickets to ski rentals to accommodations and all those little details that help make your group ski trip a great one- in Breckenridge or anywhere else.

The Best Smartphone Apps for Your Group Ski Trip

There was a time when you might struggle to get cell phone reception while on a group ski trip in Colorado or Utah. That time is definitely over and not only can you send a quick text while skiing to make lunch plans, there are apps for your group ski trip popping up left and right to help make it a fantastic experience.

Epic Mix

If you are skiing at Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge,  or Keystone in Colorado, or The Canyons in Utah, or any other mountain owned by Vail Resorts, you might want to download EpicMix. By working with the RFID chip in your lift ticket, the app allows you track the vertical feet and trails covered, race against Lindsey Vonn, earn pins for your on-mountain achievements, and store ski photos on your personal EpicMix dashboard for sharing on your social media networks.

Find My Friends

Even though Find My Friends isn’t a “ski” app, it certainly comes in handy on the mountain. Have your group all download the app (Apple only, sorry) and send invitations to the group to be your “friend”. After they accept, you will be able to view their locations on the mountain at any time. This is a great tool for group leaders!


The REALSKI App uses the GPS and camera built into your phone to help you with mountain navigation. Not sure what slope you are looking at or what difficulty level it is? Just point your camera at it to get the info. Can’t quite remember where a bathroom is? Again, point your camera and it will help you identify the facilities available in your area.

REALSKI also let’s you Geotag locations such as where you parked your car or where you dropped your glove from the chairlift. The dropped glove thing is a real phobia of mine, so that feature alone is worth downloading the app as far as I’m concerned.

SHERPA – Copper Mountain

Sherpa is one of several great apps for your group ski trip

The mountain specific app, Sherpa, is an audio app provided by Copper Mountain. Just plug in your headphones and start skiing. The app will give you tips and information on trails, such as which sides are groomed. It also provides a one-touch ski patrol button should you find yourself in need of help.

Mountain specific apps like Sherpa are sure to be popping up all over the place, so be sure to check the resort you’ve chosen to see if they have one.


Get information on the Colorado resorts’ ski conditions using iSnowReport. Find out the conditions and base depth, which lifts are open, lift hours and more. If you are skiing outside of Colorado look for state specific apps like iSnowUT.


Do you have any favorite apps for your ski trip? Please share them with SkiDaddy. We try our best to provide the latest technology for our group ski trip, which is why each of our ski groups receives their own private ski trip webpage. Contact us so we can help you plan your group’s trip.

Three Ways to Keep Your Group Safe on Your Ski Vacation

A group ski trip to Colorado, New Mexico, or Utah can be an amazing opportunity for fun and bonding among the group. But to be sure that the trip is filled with plenty of oohs and ahs, and not so many uh-ohs, as the group leader you want to be sure that your group follows some basic safety procedures.

Group Ski Trip Safety

First, use the buddy system to maximize group ski trip safety.

It is always safest to ski with at least one other person. Ski resorts get crowded, particularly during peak times, but you can occasionally find yourself feeling a bit alone. The buddy system insures that if someone gets hurt, they have a back up. The buddies can also keep an eye on each other for signs of altitude sickness.

Within any group of skiers, there will be a variety of skill levels. These skill levels will fall on the spectrum from attacking the black diamonds with gusto to needing a few beginner lessons. So do your best to match up buddies based on skill level. This way no one will be left behind or, worse, feel the need to push their skill level in order to keep up.

Buddies can ski together on appropriate level slopes for their ability, and the whole group can meet up at a designated spot for lunch or apres ski to review the best runs of the day.

Second, make sure everyone has a map on them.

In case of injury on the slopes, the buddy can precisely mark the location of the injured person on their map and hand it off to someone to give to the ski patrol, or if no one else is around, go get ski patrol themselves. Phones are great to use in this case, but sometimes reception can be iffy. (And remind your group to keep phones somewhere water can’t penetrate, like in a ziploc inside a zippered pocket.)

Third, make sure all the skiers in your group are familiar with the Skier’s Responsibility Code.

Skiers who follow this code are safer and keep those around them safer. Some of the items may seem like common sense, but when you are learning a new skill, cold, looking for your friends, or turned around on the slopes, it can be easy to forget. A quick reminder of the rules of the snow road can make a big impact on your group ski trip safety.

Would you like to get a little more information about a group ski trip? Ski Daddy plans group ski trips for small and large groups to Colorado, Utah and New Mexico. Go ahead and contact them for a little more information.

Ski Season has Arrived in a Big Way!

If you’ve been thinking you’d like to book a Colorado ski trip during the holidays, well, the answer is a Big Old Yes. We just receive this from Winter Park:

It’s been a snow-filled week at Winter Park Resort and the conditions are great!  Since December 2, Winter Park Resort has received 17.5 inches (44.5 cm) of fresh and fluffy Colorado powder!

More terrain is opening daily and the mountain will be in perfect shape for the Christmas Holiday.

Ski Season has arrived!

If you want to make a ski trip happen for your group, large or small, over the upcoming holidays, just let us know at Ski Daddy. Lift tickets, accommodations, ski and snowboard rentals – we will handle it all for you so you can enjoy Christmas knowing everything is in order. You can contact us right here.


Eat This on Your Group Ski Trip

People are often surprised at just how hungry they get on a ski trip. Not only are you engaged in some serious calorie burning exercise for hours each day, but the higher altitude increases your metabolic rate. So it shouldn’t be a surprise when your ski group is starving. All. The. Time.

But it can be hard to figure out all those meals and snacks. Sometimes you just want someone to say, “Eat this on your group ski trip.”

A great idea for your group to keep the energy levels up and to save a little money is to pack some snacks for the day on the slopes.

It’s common to think that fueling yourself for an athletic activity involves consuming carbs, carbs and more carbs, but skiing is sustained over a long period of time, and if you don’t get some fat and protein in there you will crash. So spread the snack love between carbs, proteins and fats so your group maintains steady energy levels throughout the day.

Eat this on your group ski trip

We’ve started a board on the Ski Daddy Pinterest page for Snacks on the Slopes, and it is loaded with great snack ideas for your group ski trip. (And if you aren’t following Ski Daddy on Pinterest, go do it now, because we are gathering all the best ski ideas we find there.)

And a quick reminder. Be sure your group members are stopping for water whenever they can. Great nutrition can’t work for them if they are dehydrated.

What’s your favorite snack on the ski slopes?