Top Ten Things You Need to Know Before Your First Ski Trip

With spring break just a few days away, some of you will be hitting the slopes for your first ski trip. There are a few things you should know about your first time on skis in order to be prepared for what lies ahead. We’ve compiled a top ten list to prep you for the phenomenal experience you are about to have (because with a name like Ski Daddy, how could we be biased?).

10. Being a beginner on skis can be a humbling experience. You will fall down. More than once. Just know that the ground is not that far away. And since you are a beginner you won’t be going that fast. You hope.

9. Getting up is far more humiliating than falling. Accept it for what it is – an opportunity for personal and spiritual growth.

8. Skis can pick up speed at an alarming rate.

7. That alarm will prevent you from picking up speed when you most need it, and you will end up poling across a flat area whilst a stream of curse words makes laps around your head.

6. Children who don’t reach your waist will whiz past you as if you are a tree. You will be surprised at how much you can dislike a child of six.

5. You will contemplate jumping off of the ski lift mid-air to avoid exiting the lift in front of the audience at the top.

4. At lunch on the first day you will begin to think skiing was a ridiculous mistake whose only redeeming feature is the stories you’ll tell when you get home.

3. At the end of the first day, you will think that maybe, just maybe, things are starting to click, but on the morning of the second day you will realize you were wrong.

2. By the end of the second day, you will start to feel optimistic again. The third day will confirm your optimism, and on the fourth day you will ski down a slope that made you cry just two days earlier.

1. On your way home, you’ll start planning your next ski trip. And your 2018 Olympic bid.

Have a great trip. If you need any help with the details, Ski Daddy can help you out. Just get in touch and we’ll take care of the rest.

This Spring Break Why Not Get a Little Beach Time on Your Ski Trip

Durango Offers Beach Time on Your Ski Trip
Photo courtesy of Durango Mountain Resort

Most people don’t expect to lounge on the beach, surrounded by people in beach attire indulging in fresh seafood when they book their spring break ski trip. But, for the folks clever enough to plan spring break at Durango Mountain Resort, beach time on their ski trip is exactly what they have planned.

Of course “the beach” is covered with snow and not sand, but everything else is positively tropical. On March 14 at Purgy’s Beach skiers will don their finest beach attire and head out to enjoy a little beach time, complete with a clambake by Steamworks Brewing Co. Steamworks will  be serving their handcrafted beer as well as some Lil’ Toots Root Beer for the underage crowd.

Beachgoers will enjoy the sizzling sounds of BACON as they dance away the afternoon knowing that the proceeds from the Steamworks Clambake will benefit La Plata County Search and Rescue.

Powder is great for skiing and for beach time on your ski trip
Photo Courtesy of Durango Mountain Resort

Don’t worry, though, Durango Mountain Resort is still all about the snow, and there is plenty of it. With 1360 skiable acres, an average annual snowfall of 260″, 88 runs and five terrain parks, you won’t run out of skiing options any time soon.

It’s not too late to ski this spring break! Contact Ski Daddy and let him handle the details.

Ski Daddy’s Top Three Ways to Relive the Olympics at Steamboat

Are you feeling a little lost now that the closing ceremonies have ended and the Olympians have all gone home? Well, perhaps it’s time to grab some gold of your own and relive the Olympics at Steamboat, Colorado. Steamboat, home of more Winter Olympians than any other town in North America, with a total of 88 Olympic athletes and counting, knows a little something about the Olympic lifestyle. So a spring break ski trip to Steamboat will let you relive that Olympic glory without waiting another four years.

Relive the Olympics at Steamboat Springs

Here are a just few ways to get your Olympics on in Steamboat:


World Champion and Olympic silver medalist, Billy Kidd, and Olympic Bronze medalist and World Cup Champion, Nelson Carmichael, offer free ski clinics at Steamboat. Yes, I said FREE. Some of the best skiers the world has ever seen are available to give you pointers at no charge. With this being the 50th anniversary of Kidd’s historic medal (he and teammate Jimmie Heuga were the first American men to medal in skiing), what better year to head up to Steamboat and carve some powder with a legend?


Steamboat’s NASTAR recreational racing and training facility is one of the world’s largest. The Bashor Race Area offers daily racing through March 30. The NASTAR Race-Training course allows you to hone your performance down to the hundredth of a second with the digital display at the finish. If you prefer, you can race against your buddies by setting up a private group racing session with a B-B-Q lunch at the finish line.


If you are ready to take it to the next level, then sign up for the Billy Kidd Race Camp, a three-day camp for level 6-8 skiers from first grade to adult. According to Steamboat’s Director of Skiing, Olympian Billy Kidd, the camp is designed to “apply the principles and ski techniques that produce World Champions to a skiing improvement program for skiers of all ages.” Your camp will include top-level coaching in freeskiing, carving, skiing powder, bumps trees, and racing gates from 9-4 each day and includes video analysis and lunch.

Are you ready to book your spring break ski trip to Steamboat? Ski Daddy can help with all the details, from lift tickets to lessons to accommodations, so all you have to worry about is skiing like the Olympians.

Avalanche Dogs Strut Their Stuff at Utah Ski Resorts

When you think of avalanche dogs, you often think of the husky, lovable St. Bernard with a little barrel of whiskey around his neck. The reality is that avalanche dogs are highly trained in search and rescue skills and are part of the ski patrol’s effort to insure a safe experience at most ski resorts.

The St. Bernard is the Ultimate Avalanche Dog

The Swiss Army started training avalanche dogs in the 1930’s. Typically, resorts put epic efforts into preventing avalanches and keeping skiers out of avalanche prone areas. But even though these precautions make an actual avalanche at a ski resort a rare occurrence, these dogs still have a lot of work to do. Skiers who have fallen and find themselves covered with a layer of freshly fallen snow, or those who go out of bounds only to end up lost and taking shelter in a cave are two other groups that are appreciative of an avalanche dog’s skills.

These dogs, who typically begin their training at 8-10 weeks old, work an area very quickly looking for concentrated areas of human scent. When they find it stick their head right into the snow to determine if the scent is stronger, and if it is they will start digging. If not they will use that as clue to narrow down the possible location of the buried or injured victim.

According to the 1st Special Response Group, an avalanche dog is highly efficient and can cover about the same area as 20 human rescuers in about 1/8th of the time.

You can see Nick, one of the search and rescue dogs at Sundance Resort, do his thing and rescue Glenn Close and her husband David in this video. Frankly, if I were buried in that hole, I’d be hoping for that barrel of whiskey.

If you are skiing at The Canyons Resort, you can meet their avalanche dogs and their handlers every Wednesday afternoon at 4:30 during the winter season. When you look at those sweet faces, how could you not want to meet them?

Avalanche dogs are highly trained professionals

Want to meet some great avalanche dogs on a group ski trip to Utah this spring break? Ski Daddy can set you up with a great trip to The Canyons or Sundance. Just get in touch and we’ll do the rest.

When You Need More Challenge Than Just the Mountain: Scavenger Hunt

So, the downhill, the powder, the moguls – they are all great. But you are looking for a little more challenge.

How about chasing chickens, searching for Bigfoot, and answering some ridiculous riddles on the mountain? In costume?

If that sounds like the perfect day on the slopes to you, you need to gather up your team and enter the New Belgium Scavenge at Taos. Teams of four will have an amazing time, face some crazy challenges, and bond like nobody’s business while raising money for a great cause, the Field Institute of Taos.

Taos's Skiing Scavenger Hunt

And hey, if you are up for a the skiing scavenger hunt, you may as well make it a full spring break in Taos. With Nearly 1300 skiable acres, 113 trails and a 2612 foot vertical drop, you can’t go wrong skiing in Taos. And the amazing Taos culture doesn’t stop because it’s winter, so you will find some amazing art, unique shopping and award-winning southwestern cuisine when you step off the slopes.

Haven’t booked your spring break in Taos yet? Ski Daddy can help with that. From lodging and rentals to lift tickets and lessons, Ski Daddy can handle it all; he might even offer some tips on catching the chickens on your scavenger hunt.