Eat This on Your Group Ski Trip

People are often surprised at just how hungry they get on a ski trip. Not only are you engaged in some serious calorie burning exercise for hours each day, but the higher altitude increases your metabolic rate. So it shouldn’t be a surprise when your ski group is starving. All. The. Time.

But it can be hard to figure out all those meals and snacks. Sometimes you just want someone to say, “Eat this on your group ski trip.”

A great idea for your group to keep the energy levels up and to save a little money is to pack some snacks for the day on the slopes.

It’s common to think that fueling yourself for an athletic activity involves consuming carbs, carbs and more carbs, but skiing is sustained over a long period of time, and if you don’t get some fat and protein in there you will crash. So spread the snack love between carbs, proteins and fats so your group maintains steady energy levels throughout the day.

Eat this on your group ski trip

We’ve started a board on the Ski Daddy Pinterest page for Snacks on the Slopes, and it is loaded with great snack ideas for your group ski trip. (And if you aren’t following Ski Daddy on Pinterest, go do it now, because we are gathering all the best ski ideas we find there.)

And a quick reminder. Be sure your group members are stopping for water whenever they can. Great nutrition can’t work for them if they are dehydrated.

What’s your favorite snack on the ski slopes?

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