Your Gnarly Group Ski Trip: Choosing Perfect Ski Resort

There are well over 30 ski resorts in Colorado and 8 in New Mexico. And they are definitely not created equal.

We’ve talked before about some things to consider when planning your group ski trip, and some things you can do to to make your ski trip better when you’ve got kids in the crew. But today I want to talk about a couple of things that can really make a big difference to the success of your ski trip.

Cost of Individual Pieces of the Ski Package

If you’ve got a group of beginners heading to the slopes, your costs may be heavily skewed toward lessons. So if beginner lessons are $150 at one resort and $75 at another, you could be looking at a significant difference in your costs. You may even be able to occasionally find FREE lessons if your timing is right. If you’ve only got one or two beginners, the cost of lift tickets may play a heavier role in package price than lessons. But if it’s your groups first or second year look closely at the cost of lessons.

Think about the composition of your group and consider how that will shift the price of your package.

Availability of Activities Other Than Skiing or Boarding

If you have a group that wants to experience all that the mountains have to offer and skiing is just a part of it, be sure you’ve looked at the available activities at the resorts you are considering. One resort may pretty much shut down after the lifts close, while another is just getting started with all they have to offer.

Will your group crash at the condo after a long day on the slopes? Or will they want to keep going? Consider your options.

Lift Capacity

No one likes spending their days waiting in lines, and ski trips are no exception to that truth. In Colorado, resorts have generally upgraded their lifts to high speed, high capacity lifts that keep the lift lines moving. Do a little research and make sure that the resort you are choosing can move its crowds up the mountains without long waits. No one wants to travel for hours just to spend a bunch of time in line!

Reliable Snow!

Saving money is great. Cutting your travel time is nice. But skiing without snow? Horrible. Choose a resort with reliable snowfall so that your group gets the best possible experience. Ski Daddy can control a lot of things, but snowfall isn’t one of them. Don’t risk the trip on a place that might not have great powder.


In the end, you have to consider a lot more when planning your ski trip than simply price or distance, because each group is unique and so is the perfect ski resort for that group. Think about the make up of your group and their needs, then compare them with what is offered by each of the ski resorts you are considering. If you need some help matching your group with the ideal resort, let Ski Daddy help. We work with over 200 groups each year and we can help yours, too.

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