When You Need More Challenge Than Just the Mountain: Scavenger Hunt

So, the downhill, the powder, the moguls – they are all great. But you are looking for a little more challenge.

How about chasing chickens, searching for Bigfoot, and answering some ridiculous riddles on the mountain? In costume?

If that sounds like the perfect day on the slopes to you, you need to gather up your team and enter the New Belgium Scavenge at Taos. Teams of four will have an amazing time, face some crazy challenges, and bond like nobody’s business while raising money for a great cause, the Field Institute of Taos.

Taos's Skiing Scavenger Hunt

And hey, if you are up for a the skiing scavenger hunt, you may as well make it a full spring break in Taos. With Nearly 1300 skiable acres, 113 trails and a 2612 foot vertical drop, you can’t go wrong skiing in Taos. And the amazing Taos culture doesn’t stop because it’s winter, so you will find some amazing art, unique shopping and award-winning southwestern cuisine when you step off the slopes.

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Snowmass Gives a Nod to the Mighty Norsemen During Ullr Nights

When you’ve traveled all the way to the mountains for your ski trip, you want to max out all the mountain and snow time you can manage. So after the lifts close on Fridays, skiers in Snowmass, Colorado can enjoy “Ullr Nights” and not waste a second of that precious mountain time.

Ullr Nights are named after the Norse snow god, Ullr. Don’t dig too deep into the mythology, because it’s not all that convincing that he was really the god of snow. But he was a Norse god, and we know those Vikings had a lot of snow to deal with. And many of the pictures of Ullr depict him with skis on. And, hey,  Breckenridge, CO has been hosting its Ullr Fest since 1962. That’s enough to convince me to show up for some fun in the snow at Snowmass Ullr Nights on Friday nights.

It’s actually the festivities are what convinced me, no matter what they are called. Included in Ullr Nights are the tubing hill, snow slide, Session Park, ice skating, live music, fire dancers, kids’ snowbikes, and snowshoe tours. For those who prefer to relax and take it all in there is a bonfire to warm yourself by while enjoying s’mores and hot cocoa.

In addition, there is an a la carte menu for the even the most refined palate, and activities inside The Tent when the kids get a little too chilly.

So regardless of your interest in the Vikings, check out Ullr Nights on your next trip to Snowmass and make the most of every minute in the mountains.

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Where to Eat When You Ski

One of the great treats of a  Colorado ski trip is enjoying the fabulous food served up in resort restaurants. Between the appetite you’ve built up on the slopes and the amazing attention to detail by the resort dining menus, it’s no wonder that eating ranks second only to skiing on a group ski trip. The Daily Meal has released their Top Ten Ski Resorts for Food in North America, and it’s no surprise that Colorado resorts represented well. Several of the spots they mentioned look fantastic and have made our short list of places to eat when you ski.

The Metropolitan in Beaver Creek looks amazing. Because wine and tapas. What else is there to say? Oh, actually there is one more thing to say – their breakfast burritos look like the perfect, delicious fuel for a day on the slopes.

I also like the looks of The 10th Restaurant at Vail. Because when you combine Pan Seared Cilantro Marinated Halibut, Lobster Risotto, Sautéed Swiss Chard, Sunflower Seeds, Ginger Scallion Sauce with views like this, you win. At 13,000 feet, this ski-in, ski-out is available to skiers who want fine-dining for lunch but don’t want to interrupt your ski day by leaving the slopes.

Eat When You Ski

The Truffle Pig in Steamboat looks like the perfect place to enjoy apres ski around the outdoor fire pit, with its beautiful appetizer menu and cocktail and wine lists.

What’s your favorite place to eat on your ski trips?

Winter Park Challenges You to Explore the Mountain

Season of the Seven  - Explore Winter ParkWinter Park resort offers a ton of exciting and varied terrain for its skiers. But, we humans tend to be creatures of habit and often find ourselves skiing the same runs over and over. So in order to encourage visitors to experience all that they have to offer, Winter Park has introduced the Season of the Seven Territories and a little friendly competition.

The seven Winter Park territories are comprised of: Winter Park, Mary Jane, Vasquez Ridge, Parsenn Bowl,  Terrain Park, Eagle Wind, and The Cirque. Each territory is a stand alone winner, but all together, you’ve got endless groomers, challenging trees and bumps and everything in between. Hence, the Season of the Seven Territories.

So what about that competition, eh?

First there is the Season of the Selfie. Simply snap a selfie at one of the designated selfie signs at Winter Park and post it to Facebook with the tag #Seasonofthe7. You can see lots of selfies already on the Facebook Page. Winners receive a Winter Park Swag Pack, and a grand prize winner will enjoy Winter Park again next season with a free season pass.

Next you’ve got the 7 Territories “Insta” Hunt. On designated days, you can get a list of seven Winter Park experiences, from each of Winter Park’s seven territories. Snap a photo of each and upload using the same #Seasonofthe7 tag and get the chance at sweet swag pack.

Finally, simply share your favorite territory on the Winter Park Facebook page, and you could be on of seven weekly winners. Be sure to try them all, because even though you are a mogul lover, you might just be bewitched by the trees this time.

If you want to know more about these contests and explore Winter Park check out the Season of the Seven Territories contest page.

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Woodward at Copper: Tough Tricks with Soft Landing

Woodward at Copper

If you are anything like me, you’ve seen snowboarders and skiers doing some amazing tricks and considered for a moment how fun it would be to try that. Then you thought about how hard that seemingly fluffy snow can be when you fall on it, and you quickly put the idea of trying those tricks out of your mind.

At Copper Mountain, though, you may be enticed to give those tricks a shot. With the introduction of Woodward at Copper in 2009 and its renovation in 2013, you can take advantage of the indoor Woodward Barn where you have the luxury of landing on foam when you don’t quite nail your DJ Flip. With special skis and boards specifically designed by Burton for the Woodward indoor slopes, students get the feel of the actual terrain, with a soft place to land. Skateboards, BMX and slopestyle mountain bikes can also train on the versatile turf.

After practicing in the barn and gaining a little confidence, your instructor will take you out on the slopes where you can try your new found skills in the Woodward Terrain Parks, which boast a 22′ superpipe, a 13′ halfpipe, and multiple features for all levels.

It’s no wonder that the 2014 U.S. Olympic Ski and Snowboard teams are training at these amazing facilities as they prepare to make Olympic history in Sochi, Russia!

Woodward at Copper Barn Ramp

Woodward at Copper Mini Pit
Photos Courtesy of Copper Mountain Resort

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