Wait! Don’t Buy New Ski Gear Yet!

You’ve planned the perfect ski trip for yourself or your group and put together a beautiful checklist of all the things you need to pack. Now it’s time to go shopping, right?

Wait! Not Yet!

Ski gear can cost a lot of money, particularly for something you are only going to use once or twice a year. And if you are buying for kids, then it’s once or twice before they grow out of their barely used ski duds. So while it’s important to have the right gear to be sure that you are as comfortable and prepared for your trip as possible, you don’t want to break the bank.

buy new ski gear

Consider Borrowing Your Ski Gear

One of the easiest ways to save on ski equipment is to borrow it. Check with local friends to see if they have anything you can use for your upcoming ski trip. Most people who have spent money on something want to know it’s getting good use, so a Facebook post with a list of items and sizes will probably yield much of what you need.

Of course, be a good friend and take good care of the equipment. And remember, the right thing to do is return the favor and share anything you do buy with your friends who need it.

Look Local for Great Deals on Ski Equipment

Checking on Craigslist is a great way to find ski supplies for your trip. And if you time it right you’ll find a lot of folks trying to make extra money for Christmas by selling the things they no longer need. Just search your local Craigslist for “ski wear”,  “ski equipment”, or the specific items you are looking for.

If you have a Play it Again Sports location in your area, this can be a great place to buy new ski gear. They are a national chain of secondhand shops for all kinds of sports equipment, including the things you need for your time on the slopes.

Broaden Your Search to Find the Right Ski Gear

If your local friends and Craigslist don’t yield the items you need, you can check out the broader secondhand market. Sites like Gear Trade provide an online marketplace for used sporting equipment and you are more likely to find something specialized there because of the larger audience.

And of course there is always Ebay. Remember to use the advanced search for completed auctions to give you an idea of what the going prices are.

Once you have returned from your ski vacation, think about reusing some of these resources to share or sell your equipment. You’ll save even more money and so will the people who buy from you.

Not even sure what you need? Then check with us at Ski Daddy. We can help you make a list of exactly what you’ll need on your next Colorado ski vacation along with all the other details that will make your group ski trip a huge success.